SXSW 2017: Cindy Whitehead is Breaking Barriers

Cindy Whitehead (, of The Pink Ceiling, was the founder and CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals prior to selling the company. She managed to break through and create news when she came out with the first-ever treatment for sexual desire in women, which is FDA approved. It has even been dubbed as the “female Viagra” by the media. In fact, the New York Times is calling as one of the most intriguing new pharmaceuticals that have come out in this generation.

The day Cindy Whitehead got her landmark approval, she sold Sprout for $1B upfront. It is important to see how an entrepreneurial startup from Raleigh was able to succeed in a sector where pharmaceutical giants could not make it.

Cindy Whitehead’s story has sparked conversation and controversy. She is using her experience to tell audiences that they should not accept those narratives which impede progress. Next, they need to be totally unapologetic in their mission. They have to embrace the workhorse in order to become the unicorn.

The New York Times is now calling her pharmaceutical product as the drug of a generation. Fortune is calling Cindy Whitehead a tireless force of nature. Her associates are calling her unapologetically pink. She is highly regarded as a women’s health advocate as well as a serial entrepreneur.

Cindy Whitehead has a distinguished career spanning over 22-years in healthcare. During the last ten years, she has started as well as sold two businesses for a total value of more than $1.5B.

Cindy Whitehead co-founded as well as last served as CEO for Sprout Pharmaceuticals. In 2015 this company broke through with the first ever drug for low sexual desire in women. It was FDA approved. This drug was dubbed as “female Viagra” by the media. Cindy Whitehead had started Sprout just one day after selling Slate Pharmaceuticals. This was co-founded by her. It redefined testosterone treatment for men.

She has made waves by creating her own success. This has been in the field of sexual medicine. She has managed to create mission-driven companies. All these are able to deliver big. The results achieved by her have managed to become a business success story that is being widely covered and featured in major media outlets such as The New York Times, Associated Press as well as Financial Times, Vanity Fair in addition to Bloomberg, CNBC, CBS, and Fox, Yahoo along with the cover feature of Entrepreneur Magazine. She has been an invited speaker Most Powerful Women by Fortune.

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