Former FDA Commissioners Warn Against Imported Drugs

There are several former FDA commissioners, including Robert Calif, Margaret Hamburg, Andrew von Eschenbach and Mark McClellan who are concerned about imported drugs, and they are seeking to avoid new rules that will allow greater importing of drugs from foreign lands.  There are many dangers associated with imported drugs, and they are causing problems that could lead to illness or death if they are not stopped. This article looks at how the FDA is being challenged by those who once ran it.

#1: Imported Drugs Are A Hazard

There are many imported drugs that are simply a hazard to the public health, and they will cause problems for the public that are lethal in many cases. The drugs that are imported do not look any different from the standard pills, but they are not tested or approved by the FDA. The FDA is leaving open a window to allow any drug to be imported, and the window will cause medication buyers to take something that may be harmful to them.

#2: Challenging The Ruling

The ruling from the FDA is one that may be challenged in open court, and the former FDA commissioners who are upset about it plan to ensure all of them are present when they begin their process of challenging the FDA. The FDA is not acting in good faith when it does this, and these people are best in a position to fight.

#3: They May Hold Up The FDA Rule For Some Time

The ruling may take some time to change, and the former FDA commissioners know that they may cause problems for the FDA. The rule cannot be implemented if it is in court, and they may hold out long enough for a leadership change or a change of heart by the government. This is a tactic that is used often to fight against corrupt practices, and the commissioners believe they must do so for everyone’s good.

The FDA commissioners who have stepped up to make a change at the federal level need everyone’s support as they make their claims against what they believe are corrupt government practices. They are speaking up because they know the ramifications of what has been done, and they do not want to see sick and dying people across America simply because the government chose to allow drug companies to circumvent the rules when they begin to import drugs from other countries that may be harmful to the public at-large.

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