How The Westfield Cloud Has Enhanced Shopping

With easy access to products online, it is no surprise that Amazon, Facebook, and other online websites are becoming successful in the shopping industry. While shopping has taken a turn into the digital world, Westfield Labs, a subsidiary of the Westfield Corporation that is the owner of some of the largest malls in America, has found growth in bridging their physical malls with technology.

Their new adaption of technological improvements has allowed the company to enhance their customer’s shopping experiences while still investing in physical shopping centers.
As announced by Steven Lowy, co-CEO of Westfield Corporation, “We’re bridging the digital with the physical and have made significant investments into what we’re calling the Westfield Cloud.” This Westfield Cloud has shown to be a successful innovation for malls during the technology era. Lowy and his brother Peter have emphasized that the Westfield Cloud is a tool that will help enhance customer service and make shopping in stores more efficient than ever.

The Westfield Cloud is a new part of customer’s mobile devices that allows for personalized shopping experiences. The application helps guide customers to malls, even helping find a parking spot, and then ushering them through the mall to the locations best suited for their needs using maps on the mobile devices. Each unique path is accented by blue dots that lead to stores and products that the customer desires, making the shopping trip both efficient and more enjoyable.

How the Westfield Cloud accomplishes this is by working with personalized data. Each mobile device holds a set of data that relates to the user, possibly including their age, gender, family size and specifications, interests, and search histories from the internet. With these unique pieces of data accessible, the application can decipher what types of products and brands the customer is likely to be interested in. From there, the application can guide customers to stores with these products or to the specific product itself. In fact, those searching online for specific products can be guided to the product in the mall for speedy and easy purchase and for a chance to see if the product, in the physical, is truly desired.

In all, Westfield Labs has found their own niche in the new digital shopping industry. They have combined the physical features of their malls with new digital innovations to create top of the line customer service experiences. Due to this, customers are now able to enjoy the benefits of both physical and online shopping.

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