The Board Appoints Doctor To A New Position

Margaret Hamburg M.D. sits on the board for the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and is also the National Academy of Medicines foreign secretary.  Dr. Hamburg has recently become the American Association for the advancement of Sciences president-elect. Her term begins in February of 2017.

Dr. Hamburg feels this is a very exciting time for science with large opportunities. She said everyone has to work together as a team to make certain the most vital of scientific discoveries continue. These discoveries must be effectively and swiftly translated into products and inventions suitable for the real world that will make a difference in people’s lives.

Dr. Hamburg previously worked for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a commissioner. She was responsible for the advancement of medical product innovations and regulatory science. She oversaw laws to enhance the safety of food and curb the use of tobacco. Prior to working with the FDA she worked for the Nuclear Threat Initiative. She helped evaluate and plan for the U.S. Department of Health when President Bill Clinton was in office.

Dr. Hamburg’s experience and knowledge in regulatory affairs, healthcare and science has been incredibly valuable in the field of cancer immunotherapy research. Jeffrey Bluestone, Ph.D. is the CEO and President of the Parker Institute for Cancer. He said he felt fortunate to have such a visionary leader providing guidance and strategy for the institute. Dr. Hamburg plans to continue her role as the NAM foreign secretary and a board member at the Parker Institute.

The Parker Institute brings the best industry partners, clinicians and scientists together. Their goal is the building of a more coordinated and smarter effort for cancer immunotherapy research.

The Parker Institute has a collaboration between leading immunologists and cancer centers. The Parker Institute was founded through a grant for $250 million from the Parker Foundation. Their mission is to develop immune therapies with the capabilities of making cancer a curable disease. They are trying to accomplish this with a collaboration of the top researchers in the field. Their findings will one day become patient treatments. The Parker Institute consists of six centers and over forty nonprofit and industry partners. They also have over 300 of the top researchers from all over the nation and 63 labs. Their focus is on the treatment of the deadliest cancers.

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