Complete, free Mac backup

Apple Leopard: Time MachineThere’s a nice article on Lifehacker about backing up your Mac using several free tools. As I’ve said time and again, backups are key! The article gives a good introduction to the various tools available for Mac backups.

As pointed out in the article, the next iteration of the MacOS will see a new feature, Time Machine, which will provide built-in revisioning services to documents in the MacOS (very cool), as well as the ability to backup to a different hard drive (including a remote-mounted disk). I’m looking forward to this (and the Spaces feature) especially, but until then, another tool needs to fill the need of backing up your Mac.

One of the notes mentioned at Lifehacker is about the Carbon Copy Cloner, a tool which does a low-level copy of your hard disk (think dd with a pretty interface). I’ve used this before, and have had great results (though only on a one-shot basis, like when I had to reformat a disk, rather than as a scheduled task).

Of course, until Time Machine comes around, I’m going to stick with the rsync route. But if you’re not comfortable in the command line, or are looking to try out some of the other tools available, check out the article.

Some Additional Reading: