Alumni Gift to Support the Missouri Government Internship Program

The Missouri Government Internship Program was awarded an extremely charitable gift by Advantage Capital Partners. The Missouri Government Internship program pairs potential prospects with a chance to start at a company with an internship. This internship can help young people get their foot in the door and help them to get a leg up on the competition. This is a great resource for a great many people which helps place qualified employees with chances to make their dreams come true and to help earn a living doing what they love.


Truman State University alumni officials on behalf of their company Advantage Capital Partners awarded Truman State University’s Missouri Government Internship Program with an astonishingly generous gift of $40,000 to help make the program better for young people, and to create more opportunities for internships in the future. It is truly amazing when people don’t forget where they came from and they help give back to the community that helped to sculpt them into the brilliant and successful individuals that they are. Certainly the alumni from Truman State University didn’t forget their roots and helped to give back to help mold the next generation into successful businessmen and business women. This is a worthwhile and lasting monumental gift that will impact the Truman State University’s Missouri Government Internship in a positive way.


Specifically, the money that the program received will go towards limiting the cost of housing for the program participants to help remove the hefty burden that exists along with the rising cost of college attendance and housing. Living on campus can be very expensive and adds up very quickly, the recipients of this award will no doubt be very thankful for the extra help and the ability to place their focus more on their studies and the internship and less on the bills that are always present in the back of their mind. Truly it was a remarkable gift that the Advantage Capital Partners bestowed upon the program and the students.


The program is hoping that this gift will be in accordance with others to help students battle the rising cost of tuition. Truly every bit helps and when investing in the future of the next generation there is no way to go wrong when trying to steer the youth in a positive direction that provides them and the community with a better and brighter future. This is exactly what alumni Scott Zajac and Ryan Brennan of Advantage Capital have done with their donation of $40,000.


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