A National Powerhouse in Real Estate

Madison Marquette has really proven to be a national powerhouse of real estate. They are selling, repositioning, and selling major retail assets around the country. Its headquarter is located in Washington D.C., and even though this company is quiet, it’s really active. They are known by many in DC for partnering with PN Hoffman on the SW Wharf reinvention that’s worth $2 billion. They are also known in Maryland for purchasing the Shops at Waldorf in which was repositioned several times. Their recent endeavors, with CEO Amer Hammour are as follows:
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Former FDA Commissioners Warn Against Imported Drugs

There are several former FDA commissioners, including Robert Calif, Margaret Hamburg, Andrew von Eschenbach and Mark McClellan who are concerned about imported drugs, and they are seeking to avoid new rules that will allow greater importing of drugs from foreign lands.  There are many dangers associated with imported drugs, and they are causing problems that could lead to illness or death if they are not stopped. This article looks at how the FDA is being challenged by those who once ran it. Read more →

Alumni Gift to Support the Missouri Government Internship Program

The program is hoping that this gift will be in accordance with others to help students battle the rising cost of tuition. Truly every bit helps and when investing in the future of the next generation there is no way to go wrong when trying to steer the youth in a positive direction that provides them and the community with a better and brighter future. This is exactly what alumni Scott Zajac and Ryan Brennan of Advantage Capital have done with their donation of $40,000.
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New development coming to Baltimore

There will be a new skyscraper in Baltimore when 1 Light Street at the southeast corner of Baltimore and Light streets finally becomes a completed reality in approximately the winter of 2018. This next downtown high-rise has taken over 25 years to be more than just an idea. J. Joseph Clarke, a representative of Metropolitan Mirecourt Baltimore, the long-time owners… Read more →

The Role of The FDA Today in The US

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a governmental agency that traces its roots to one employee in the Department of Agriculture in 1862. Today the FDA employs about 15,000 people with a budget in 2014 of $4.4 billion. Those funds are part of the federal budget, and come from tax revenues. The FDA is charged with enforcing laws… Read more →

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